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Blockchain and Logistics: Challenges, Opportunities, and What’s Ahead

On the eve of 2019, business media and leaders named blockchain and cryptocurrency as two trends that would majorly shape the logistics industry. Blockchain, with its ability to record transactions between parties in a secure and permanent way, presents powerful possibilities for global logistics. Imagine automating dozens of manual tasks for greater efficiency and accuracy

Exploring Crypto in Global Operations? Know the Parameters as Well as the Possibilities

Tamper-proof transactions, lower transaction costs, greater financial inclusion—digital currency can deliver many things to a business operating in international markets. However, “crypto” can bring negative consequences as well, such as fines and legal scrutiny. And this varies from market to market across the chain from issuer to purchaser. In Mexico, for example, March 2018 regulations

Why Climate Change Needs to be Part of Your Global Infrastructure Strategy

Even under typical conditions, Canada and Bangladesh are two nations where weather can have a big impact on business and everyday life: extreme cold in the former and tropical heat in the latter. Climate change is intensifying this impact—and business risk—even more. In Canada, for instance, climate change is expected to bring changes in weather

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Understanding Global Customers in a Digital World: New Rules and Tools for Success

With the ubiquitous connectivity of the internet, the troves of data collected by social media and the Internet of Things, and analytic tools of unprecedented sophistication, global companies have more information than ever for understanding the people they do business with. Yet organizations are still encountering surprises in terms of who their customers are, buying

Adapting Products and Services for a Digital World: New Questions and Considerations

The F-150 pickup truck, the best-selling vehicle in the United States, travels the roads in Mexico by another name: the Ford Lobo, the Spanish word for wolf. The mid-size sedan known worldwide as the Ford Mondeo (referencing the Latin word mundus for world) is known as the Ford Fusion in North America. And Mercedes-Benz vehicles