Understanding Gen Z: Tactics for Brazil and Beyond

As internationally focused businesses navigate the evolving COVID-19 pandemic and its repercussions, other factors that play into a global business strategy remain constant. Understanding customer preferences is one of these factors. Here we explore the nuances of the rising Gen Z market, with a focus on Brazil. Worldwide, the profile of the younger customer is

Staying Connected in a Post-COVID-19 World: Questions for Global Companies to Consider

Connectivity has been called “a defining feature of the modern economy and one of the significant trends of the 21st century.” Telecommunications networks support all aspects of a business, from ecommerce to team collaboration to customer service. Problems like poor coverage, insufficient bandwidth, outages, and downtime can significantly damage a company’s operations, reputation, revenues, and

Taking COVID-19 into Consideration for Your Global Operations

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to unfold, responses and outcomes have varied widely—across nations and over time. Take Italy, for example. On March 27, the nation was at the forefront of the pandemic, with 969 reported deaths in just 24 hours. The first weeks in August, however, presented a different picture. Reported deaths were less

Argentina: Why Here, Why Now for International Investment

In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, companies have been re-evaluating all aspects of their global operations: supply chains, marketing strategies, partnerships, and more. Meanwhile, investors such as private equity funds, venture funds, and family offices (particularly those pooling their resources) are finding themselves in an advantageous position for expanding their portfolios. For example, Bain

Global Distribution Today Requires High Tech and High Touch

You’ve heard the story before. A large, successful company sets up shop in an emerging market. They take the right first steps, limiting their exposure by identifying an independent local distributor with a solid record. Not surprisingly for a big-name company acting with caution, initial sales are robust. But then, there’s a slowdown and sales