Whatever your industry, ambitions, challenges or geographic region, 360 Zolo Solutions can help you find clarity—and success. Here are just a few examples of our work.

Healthcare and life sciences

When a pharmaceutical company had an incomplete and inaccurate view of a new market they wanted to enter, 360 Zolo Solution corrected—and accelerated—their path with detailed, on-the-ground guidance. We interviewed experts and key actors to map the regulatory framework, market and distribution landscape. Then we identified several potential distribution partners—including the one the company chose.

Expanding distribution in an emerging market is particularly challenging for biotech companies. Competition is fierce and partnerships are long-term investments. 360 Zolo Solutions helped a manufacturer validate its market and distribution information, identify potential partners and connect with a finalist.

Automotive and manufacturing

A global automotive company needed a firsthand, deep-dive view into risk, innovation, key players, competition and consumer trends in an emerging market. 360 Zolo Solutions delivered with a customized solution. Working with local associates, we mapped the dealer distribution landscape—current and future—as well as gaps and opportunities for expanding its scope and strengthening its image. And we identified the best potential partners based on resources, capabilities and cultural fit. As a result, the client has a fuller picture of a major market—and possible investments within it.

When one of the main Asian manufacturers of OEM and aftermarket wanted to sell its new high-tech line of products in several countries in Latin America, 360 Zolo Solutions worked with industry experts to deliver actionable guidance. Among other accomplishments, we identified leading competitors, researched in-country products and analyzed cataloguing systems in each one of the possible markets. Our client now has several distributors, its product line successfully penetrating its markets of interest, and all of the information it needs to sell competitively.

Customized market research and competitive, consumer and pricing analysis were just the beginning of our engagement with a machinery component manufacturer. When our market penetration strategy revealed the best path forward to be an in-country distribution center, 360 Zolo Solutions facilitated a set-up: assisting in finding them the right location and equipment, hire staff, and meet all legal, fiscal and labor requirements

Professional services and education

When a financial services company lacked the market knowledge and resources to grow its operations internationally, 360 Zolo Solutions provided strategy, connections and expertise. We helped them focus in on an initial region, then identify partners and navigate regulations in specific countries. Today the platform and partnerships are running seamlessly, with new regions and possibly an overseas office ahead in the future.

We also supported a well-known European educational center in expanding its technical programs for international students and business executives. This involved analyzing the countries where the students were coming from and where they’d be working, tailoring content accordingly and finding the right partners for cost-effective materials, instructors and more. Our 360 approach to this large-scale project delivered significant results. The expanded program was successful, sustainable and relevant to student needs.

Renewable energy and startups

Creating complex technology is one skillset. Finding the right investment partner and brokering the relationship is another. 360 Zolo Solutions used our local, regional and global networks to aid a team of renewable energy engineers identify the right fit—and make the relationship work.

For a family office expanding its investment portfolio in a new geography and direction, in-country knowledge and utmost discretion were imperative. 360 Zolo Solutions used our abundance of both to research innovations in IoT, blockchain, Smart Cities solutions, and more. The result: a first round of promising opportunities.

Foreign direct investment

For a client specializing in mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures with operations in Latin America, we identified buyers for companies in the agricultural, manufacturing, and industrial sectors; analyzing country risk, markets, and political, economic, social and technological factors.

When a global investor showed interest in investing and diversifying its portfolio in Latin America, 360 Zolo Solutions uncovered possible opportunities in energy and infrastructures. We deep-dived on current, short- and mid-term political, economic and technological environments, identifying risks, incipient opportunities and pit falls. Furthermore, 360 Zolo Solutions connected them with potential investment opportunities in entrepreneurship and innovation hubs, as well as regional start-ups with the potential to scale its operations and looking to raise further capital to access global markets.