BRICS Expansion, Argentina, and a Shifting Global Order

During a time of year known for accepting invitations, Argentina turned one down—a hand-delivered invitation from Chinese President Xi Jinping to join a select group of nations known as the BRICS. On November 30, Diana Mondino, who is now the Foreign Minister in Javier Milei’s new administration, issued a short but powerful statement on social

Sustainable Business Opportunities of All Sizes in Latin America

If your business objective in 2024 is to do well while doing good for our planet, there’s one region in particular that’s rich with resources, innovation, determination, and motivation. “Although Latin America and the Caribbean are only responsible for 8 percent of global emissions, they have a huge potential to invest and seize opportunities to

The Future of EVs is in LATAM: Quantum Co-founder Carlos Soruco Shares His Thoughts

“Look out, Telsa,” the Wall Street Journal announced in April. “High in the Andes, the electric-vehicle revolution has arrived.” But breaking new ground as Bolivia’s first EV manufacturer is just the start of Quantum Motor’s ambitions. We’re honored to have co-founder Carlos Soruco share his perspectives on EVs, lithium, and micromobility overall in Latin America.

What Javier Milei’s Presidency Means for Your Latin American Business Strategy

The votes are in, and Javier Milei is Argentina’s new president. The election made headlines worldwide, as did Milei’s plans to reconstruct the nation’s economy through bold moves like slashing public spending by 15 percent, abolishing the central bank, and switching the nation’s official currency from the peso to the United States dollar. Milei’s surprise

From Extraction to EVs, the Latest Chapter in Lithium’s Evolving Story

Today’s lithium industry is a story that’s constantly being written, and rewritten, as the landscape evolves. To illustrate, here are just a few highlights since our last blog in October 2022: Argentina’s lithium exports hit a record high thanks to government initiatives and incentives that make it one of the most market-friendly models in the