Lithium Triangle Spotlight: One In-Demand Resource, Three Divergent Nations, and a Global Superpower

The lithium that powers our smartphones, computers, and electric vehicles is a resource of rising global importance. In previous blogs, we’ve talked about the booming market for it, its abundance in South America’s Lithium Triangle, and the impact of supply chain disruptions. “The electric car revolution will stall in the West if supplies of crucial

China: The Superpower Shaping Latin American Business

Companies doing business in Latin America and the Caribbean need to keep another nation on their radar as they shape their strategy and operations: China. This giant on the other side of the world is funding massive infrastructure projects, grabbing market share across industries online and off, influencing global supply chains, and driving the boom

Dependencies, Vulnerabilities, Opportunities: What War in Ukraine Means for Your Latin America-Focused Business

Now in its fifth month, the Ukraine War has impacted Latin American businesses across industries, in all aspects of operations. Multinationals in the IT  sector scrambled to transfer their staff and operations out of the region, which has been a rich source of tech talent. Other companies watched fuel prices sharply rise due to sanctions on

from virtual work to virtual reality

From Virtual Work to Virtual Reality: Leveraging Innovation in Your Global Business

As new technologies continually emerge to help businesses navigate life in the pandemic, others are shaping a “metaverse” of the future. Solutions in both areas present potentially transformative opportunities for improving operations, growing market share, and adapting one’s business offerings. Read on for some of the many innovations shaping the global business landscape. Technologies that

Why Uruguay Should Be on Your Latin America Radar in 2022 and Beyond

When investigating Latin America markets for business today, it may pay to think small—specifically at a nation of only 3.5 million people and 68,000 square miles that offers big business potential: Uruguay. “Uruguay stands out in Latin America for being an egalitarian society and for its high per capita income, low level of inequality and