What Javier Milei’s Presidency Means for Your Latin American Business Strategy

The votes are in, and Javier Milei is Argentina’s new president. The election made headlines worldwide, as did Milei’s plans to reconstruct the nation’s economy through bold moves like slashing public spending by 15 percent, abolishing the central bank, and switching the nation’s official currency from the peso to the United States dollar. Milei’s surprise

From Extraction to EVs, the Latest Chapter in Lithium’s Evolving Story

Today’s lithium industry is a story that’s constantly being written, and rewritten, as the landscape evolves. To illustrate, here are just a few highlights since our last blog in October 2022: Argentina’s lithium exports hit a record high thanks to government initiatives and incentives that make it one of the most market-friendly models in the

Drive into the Future: Navigating Change, Finding Opportunity

Few industries in today’s world are as established and entrenched as the automotive sector. The business of getting people and goods from one place to another has been an economic staple since the days of Henry Ford. With seismic shifts in every aspect of the industry, however, this traditional sector is rapidly transforming, especially in

Innovation, Optimization, and Beyond: How Telematics Is Transforming Business in Latin America

Telematics technologies bring telecommunications networks and computer systems together to collect and transmit data on vehicle use, maintenance requirements, automotive servicing, and more—to powerful effect. Global ag giant Syngenta, for example, uses telematics to gather data ranging from kilometers driven to driver behavior, to inform a single driving policy for the LATAM region. “[Telematics] is

Bringing the Metaverse to Latin America: Opportunities in Mining, Healthcare, and Defense

Even as Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse faces challenges and mixed reviews, demand is rising overall for software applications that replicate real life. Companies across industries are recognizing the power of simulation technology for training, engineering, R&D, and more, particularly when enhanced by advanced technologies like augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), digital twins, and 3D printing.